Marshmallow Overload Glitter Kids Nail Polish

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Unleash your sparkling personality with a nail polish that is just as sweet as you! This shimmery pink colour is for all girly-girls, that want a stunning party look. 

This child-friendly nail polish is made from a non-toxic formula that is easy to peel off without requiring any toxic removers! 

Made in France, the 31 Miss Nella kids nail polishes are safe for our little ones. They are peel off, not wash off, so your kids can continue playing in the water, swim, wash their hands as much as they want, it will not come off unless it is peeled off. 

No phthalates, no formaldehyde, no toluene, no fragrance - they are completely odour free and non toxic, making it safe for anyone to use.
Dermatologically tested.

We recommend this nail polish be used under adult supervision

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